5 Steps for finding Auto Insurance

The Best Way to Choose Car Insurance

If you never purchased auto insurance before, buying a car will trigger the need for auto insurance. Because the car itself can affect insurance costs, shopping for your insurance before purchasing a car makes sense.

1. Determine How Much Coverage You Need

Minimum-liability limits established by the state where you live and collision-coverage requirements of your auto-loan lender take some of the coverage decisions out of your hands.

2. Evaluate Auto Insurance Companies

When choosing car insurance, the cost is essential in your decision-making process. But cost alone may not be the only reason to go with an insurance provider.

3. Compare Car Insurance Costs

Now that you’ve found a few companies that seem reliable, it’s time to compare costs for choosing the auto insurance policy.

4. Find an Agent

At this point in your research, you’ve probably narrowed your choices to the two or three least expensive, most reliable companies.

Start with the least expensive company and find an agent. Independent agents represent some companies who may represent several carriers, and others have dedicated offices and agents.

Let them know you are interviewing for a new insurance agent. If they don’t make time for you at this stage, they probably won’t when you need them most. Move on to the next agent.

You have a list of agents; keep moving through them until you find the one that fits.

5. Ask About Discounts

Insurers offer discounts for many reasons, such as a paid-in-full plan, bundling your auto policy with home or other cars, and good-driver history.

If you follow these steps, you will find an insurance company you can count on at a rate you can afford.


Then all you need to do is choose your car insurance deductible or the amount you will pay if your car gets damaged in an accident, by a fallen tree, or another mishap.


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